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The use of UV Intensity (mW) Meters and  UV Power (mJ) Meters for precise and regular monitoring of exposure parameters during photolithographic-related processing can significantly improve both the quality and the yield of products.

The UV measurement systems offered by Bachur & Associates have the capability to function over a wide range of selected spectrums, intensities and/or energy levels.  Sensors probes are pre-calibrated and interchangeable on both Models 200, 202 and 220.

Bachur and Associates offers several hand-held, portable UV Power Meters designed to measure UV Intensity (mW/cm2) and/or Energy (mJ/cm2). These systems provide the capability to make accurate (NIST Traceable) and repeatable measurements in selected spectrums within the 220nm - 450nm spectral range.

 Model 202   Model 220
                                                                                 MODEL 202 (mW/cm2)      MODEL 220 (mW/cm2 and mJ/cm2)                                                     
 Deep UV
 DUV-220 (220nm - 260nm)
 DUV-254NB (254nm)
 DUV-260 (240nm - 275nm)
 Mid UV
 MUV-280 (270nm - 295nm)
 MUV-310NB (310nm)
 Near UV
  NUV-365B (350nm - 375nm)
 NUV-400B (380nm - 425nm)
 NUV-436B (405nm - 460nm)
 NUV-436NB (436nm)

Sensor Spectrums

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