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Bachur & Associates offers high performance, cost-effective elliptical reflectors for UV Exposure Systems manufactured by Oriel, Canon, Karl Suss, Optical Associates, HTG, ABM, and JBA. B&A's elliptical reflectors offer performance equal to, or better than, the original equipment at a significantly lower cost. Many replacement elliptical reflectors are available from stock.

Elliptical Reflectors are available in diameters up to 12". The larger elliptical reflectors are manufactured by electro-deposited nickel on very highly polished glass mandrels. Small reflectors are usually made of glass materials over-coated with metalized or dielectric reflective coatings.

A variety of reflective coatings are available to enhance reflector performance.

Metal Parabolic Reflectors Photo
Parabolic Metal Reflectors
5" and 8" Ellip refl - Icon
Elliptical Metal Reflectors

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