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B&A offers a variety of Calibration Lightsource Systems. These systems are designed to produce a wide range of UV intensities in the selected spectral regions or wideband.
These UV systems are primarily used by calibration facilities as as well as for R&D applications. Near, Mid, and Deep UV systems are available with a variety of standard and optional features.

The System's Optics...
The system's collection optics employ a proven, high performance optic train that include an elliptical reflector, a primary mirrors and secondary optical elements.  Depending on the application the system may include a multi-element optical integrator system, a light pipe module and/or collimating optics.

 Features and Options  Typical Applications
  • Near, Mid and Deep UV Versions
  • 200W to 2,000W Systems
  • Intensity Controlling Powersupply Systems
  • Shutter Controller
  • Hi-Rel, Low Maintenance Design
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Intensity Calibration
  • Polymer Research
  • Solar Cell Research
  • Chemical Reactions
CLS-50  Calibration System
                                               Model CLS-50 Hi Output System      Model 90 NAFB Calibrator System
   Near UV Systems  Deep UV Systems
  Available Beam Sizes
 100mm - 400mm
  100mm - 200mm
 Beam Divergence
 2.6 deg. - 1.3 deg.
  2.6 deg. - 2.3 deg.
 Beam Uniformity - Standard Systems
 Diameters +/- 5%
 Squares +/- 6%
 Diameters +/- 5%
 Squares +/- 6%
 Beam - High Uniformity Systems
 Diameters +/- 2.5%
 Squares +/- 3.5%
 Diameters +/- 2.5%
 Squares +/- 3.5%
  Beam Spectrum
 340nm - 450nm
 220nm - 260nm
 240nm - 275nm
 Intensity @ 200W (100mm Dia.)
 16 mW/cm2 (UV365)
 34 mW/cm2 (UV400)
 Intensity @ 350W (100mm Dia.)
 28 mW/cm2 (UV365)
 60 mW/cm2 (UV400)
 Intensity @ 500W (100mm Dia.)
 40 mW/cm2 (UV365)
 85 mW/cm2 (UV400)
 17 mW/cm2 (DUV220)
 20 mW/cm2 (DUV260)
 Intensity @ 1,000W (100mm Dia.)
 77 mW/cm2 (UV365)
 170 mW/cm2 (UV400)
 30 mW/cm2 (DUV220)
 36 mW/cm2 (DUV260)
 Intensity @ 2,000W (100mm Dia.)
 150 mW/cm2 (UV365)
 320 mW/cm2 (UV400)
 60 mW/cm2 (DUV220)
 70 mW/cm2 (DUV260)


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